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Clinical Specialties is pleased to announce that effective February 10, 2015, Clinical Specialties has become part of Walgreens Infusion Services, one of the nation's largest providers of home and alternate treatment site infusion services.

Walgreens Infusion Services and Clinical Specialties will operate business as usual in the near term and will focus on delivering exceptional capabilities and services to provide greater access to affordable and convenient care for patients.

If you have questions, please contact:

  • If you are a Payer, please contact Deanna Weber, VP of Business Development and Healthcare Economics: 440-627-2027
  • If you are a Network Provider, please contact Rob Leonhardt, Manager of Network Services and Payer Relations: 440-627-2230
  • If you are a Referral Source or Physician in Northern Ohio, please contact Amy McKeen, Regional Director of Sales: 440-823-3173
  • If you are a Referral Source or Physician in Central and Southern Ohio, please contact Jennifer Schaefer, Regional Director of Sales: 513-571-0522
  • If you are a Supplier, please contact Bruce Yule, VP of Operations: 440-397-1455

Home Infusion

Clinical Specialties, accredited by Accreditation Commission for Health Care Inc. (ACHC), has been serving infusion patients since 1988.

Local touch, regional reach

Pharmacies in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati

Full range of home infusion therapy services for patients of all ages, including:

Highly trained staff of pharmacists, certified pharmacy technicians, nurses and dieticians manage every aspect of the infusion therapy and are available 24 hours a day to meet the needs of the patients and caregivers.

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Network Services

Since 1996, regional network manager of home health care services, including:

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Hi Tech Nursing
  • Therapies (PT, OT, ST, SW)
  • Hospice Care
  • Home Infusion

Clinical Specialties network's offering to home health care providers includes:

  • Access to over 9 million members of 80 payers... never say no to a referral source
  • Administrative functions of: eligibility and benefit verifications, service authorizations, billing and collections, provider training and education
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Clinical Programs

Using evidence-based practices, Clinical Specialties has developed an array of programs based on patient care needs. Utilizing our extensive network of home care agencies, we provide on-site training to agencies who will deliver the program(s) to the patient in their home. Administration, oversight and outcomes reporting of the programs are conducted by Clinical Specialties.

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